A short ”who’s-they” introduction

Vannie Gama is a Brazilian interdisciplinary non-binary artist and theorist, currently a graduate student at University of Campinas in the Faculty of Applied Sciences, born in São Paulo, São Paulo State, 1997. Founder of VYSlab (2019) atelier in Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil, for contemporary art focused interdisciplinary art, scientific communication, and social technology development. Also founder of the online Museum for Brazilian Digital Art ”Museu Bioma” (2022) and author of the book ”Le cultiver des images” (2022) (”O Cultivar das Imagens”, disponível gratuitamente online) with an interdisciplinary approach of the creative process during pandemics with critics under politics, human rights and the way between art, nature, technology and society for queer artists. They took part at the Art Residency from Syntropy States art project during 2021-2022, together with the musician Luca D’Alessandro.

Vannie (They/Them) is a bachelor with honors in Visual Arts at Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho from 2015-2020, while at Visual Arts course, lectures in physics, psychology and computer science were taken, and two interdisciplinary scientific projects with national and state scholarships were developed on sensible perception field. Before entering on master studies, Vannie studied chemistry at the Technology Faculty of Campinas during 2021 lockdown. Studying image perception, philosophy of art and the relations between nature, art and technology for contemporary society since 2017, their interdisciplinary studies are translated into expanded paintings, kinetic artworks, sound-image installations, and theoretical works. Gama is also one of the youngests artists to be part of the auction for brazilian art ”Tableau Artes e Leilões” located in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil since 2017. Finally, they also work with Digital Art for NFT projects – You may have noticed there’s few digital art here. Not a coincidence. For such access feel free to email vanniegama.vyslab@gmail.com

Next event/Próximo evento: 5º FLIMA – Festa Literária Internacional da Mantiqueira em Santo Antônio do Pinhal, SP. Dias 25-28 de Agosto de 2o22.

Latest interview : The art chat as a result of the art residency from Syntropy States, Relax section, with the project founder Allie Joy, talking about contemporary art during pandemics, and the creative process of the digital sound-image artwork ”Inspirar” with Luca D’Alessandro.

Instagram: @vanniegama / @vanniesurpapier YouTube: Vannie Gama
Behance: Vannie Gama Twitter @comvozescrita

Compressed 2019 – 2021 portfolio at : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aZpHanhBfgGg0aS0hxlz00YGWcUKKaP1/view?usp=sharing

Series ”Letters between Copper and Blood ” (2022) – Digital/Generative Art – Vannie Gama.

Happening ”59 useless minutes” created and directed by Vannie Gama, with the participation of Contara cello group.