The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition – Results

”Afigurations of time” has been the new interdisciplinary research art series developed during 2019. The pieces ” Cube-Raum” and the twins ” Nebula ” and ”Fall” together with Nest compose the investigation and new proposal of painting presentation and art perspective of perception of time experience.

I would like to thank the jurors for such incredible result of the The Latin American Contemporary Art Competition of this year, the first prize I ever received with the piece ”Fall”.

Fall – Afigurations of time I - Painting 98 x 97

”Fall”, 360º painting developed to be presented on horizontal perspective. III afiguration of time from the series ”Afigurations of Time”, 2019.

Entitled to receive cash prizes of $500 each:

Dolores Esos, Brazil 
Fabian Gimenez, Argentina 
Pedro Fumero, Spain
Jorge Concha, Colombia 
Vannie Gama, Brazil

Soon as possible I’ll upload a short video (in english) about the series, the pieces, it concepts and what comes next.
Also series such as ”Yeats & Y ” and ” Mysteries of Universe” has been part of 2019s works. You can check out pieces process by instagram : @vanniegama.

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